13 June 2013 – Party at Dragon Boat Festival

Thanks our Party Queen, Auntie Priscilla hold a wonderful party for us today. It was wonderful, lots of joy and happiness. How happy were we today? You can find all smiling faces here.


Natalie seldom goes out with us. She is now 10 months old. With my helper’s help, we can go out together. Natalie is so nice that she is not afraid of strangers! She is alright to be carried by anyone. I was so happy and surprise. Oh my god, she is so charming!


I love making cookies with kids. It is a family activity that is CHEAP, FAST and FUN! I had a super easy cookies recipe. Of course, they are delicious. Today, we added some sprinkling sugar on the cookies before baking. I can’t imagine the result was so nice! The cookies actually are not so sweet because I reduced the amount of sugar. That’s why sprinkling sugar did amazing job here. It gave a little bit sweet flavor making the cookies perfect! Recipe is simple. What we need to do is just mix, mix, mix and bake. Here is the recipe.

Butter 80g
Icing sugar 50g
egg 1pc
Self-raising flour 170g

Mix, Mix and Mix. Bake 15mins at 170 degree. Done! Everyone can do it.



Lastly, we had story time… … A Sales Manager turned into a teacher. Oh no, don’t be cheated by him. How come every kids were paying so much attention to this guy? Mike, you are awesome!


Thanks our Party Queen again giving me unforgettable experience!


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